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  • Extreme Steering Dampers Defender, Discovery 1 & RRC

    Extreme Steering Dampers Defender, Discovery 1 & RRC


    Extreme Steering Dampers are designed to reduce steering vibration, "Bump steer" and steering snatch in off road conditions.

    • White Powder Coat finish.
    • Solid 20mm S45C steel shaft chrome plated for extra long seal and shaft life.
    • Incorporates the "Hallite" seal.
    • Teflon piston seal.
    • Race proven.

    Extreme Steering Dampers can be used with a "Return to Centre"(RTC) spring kit, the spring assists the steering to return to the straight ahead position, particularly when large and oversize wheels and tyres are fitted and extra force is required to centralises the steering.

    • Anodised Billet Alloy Fittings. ( Red in colour, different to pic)
    • Black Powder Coated Spring.
    • Progressive each end.
    Part No: Available options: Price: Stock:
    SA39 LR 90- 110- 130 (each) £35.00 + vat
    £42.00 inc vat
    SA38 RRC- Disco 1 (each) £35.00 + vat
    £42.00 inc vat
    SA26 Return to center spring kit £34.50 + vat
    £41.40 inc vat
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