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  • Extreme Adjustable Panhard Rods

    Extreme Adjustable Panhard Rods


    These are straight bars. no bend for diff 

    Adjustable from -2" to +2" lift.

    Takes standard Metallastic or poly bushes with rubber protection boot for the Rose Joint.

    Large Eye (M16 Fixing Bolt) or Small Eye (M14 Fixing Bolt) available with the option of a Rose Joint or a Fixed Eye fitting.

    Panhard Rod Kits consist of the following:

    • Panhard Rod
    • Rose Joint (with boot) or Fixed Eye
    • Poly Bushes
    • Stainless steel nut 
    Part No: Available options: Price: Stock:
    PR-LFE Large Fixed Eye M16 Bolt Kit £160.00 + vat
    £192.00 inc vat
    PR-LRJ Large Rose Joint M16 Bolt Kit £160.00 + vat
    £192.00 inc vat
    PR-SFE Small Fixed Eye M14 Bolt Kit £160.00 + vat
    £192.00 inc vat
    PR-SRJ Small Rose Joint M14 Bolt Kit £160.00 + vat
    £192.00 inc vat
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