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  • Extreme Competition Dampers
    Extreme Competition DampersExtreme Competition DampersExtreme Competition Dampers

    Extreme Competition Dampers


    The new exciting range of Extreme competition dampers with a remote reservoir, for use with our Extreme suspension kit, or for use on their own.

    Key features:

    • Solid 20mm Chrome plated steel shaft.
    • Black anodised billet alloy fittings.
    • 52mm diameter steel body - bored and honed.
    • Incorporates the "Halite" seal.
    • 600mm Stainless steel braided hose with steel swivel fittings.
    • 52mm steel remote reservoir.
    • Nitrogen gas charged from 60 psi to 200 psi.

    The Benefits:

    When you drive hard off road, heat is generated in the dampers. The harder you drive, the more heat is generated. The increase in heat and speed of the dampers working can cause foaming in the oil, this can cause in time the performance of the dampers to decrease.

    The remote reservoir works by allowing increases in the volume of the oil and cooling temperature, this then gives better performance and a better service life to the damper in extreme driving conditions.

    Sold as single units.

    Part No: Available options: Price: Stock:
    SA01 Front - LR 90- 110- 130- D1- RRC (each) £160.00 + vat
    £192.00 inc vat
    SA02 Rear - LR 90- 110- 130 (each) £160.00 + vat
    £192.00 inc vat
    SA03 Rear - D1- RRC (each) £160.00 + vat
    £192.00 inc vat
    SA04 Front +2 - LR 90- 110- D1- RRC (each) £135.00 + vat
    £162.00 inc vat
    SA05 Rear + 2 - LR 90- 110- D1- RR (each) £135.00 + vat
    £162.00 inc vat
    SA06 Front -2.5 - LR 90- 110- D1- RR (each) £135.00 + vat
    £162.00 inc vat
    SA07 Rear -2.5 - LR 90- 110- D1- RR (each) £135.00 + vat
    £162.00 inc vat
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