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  • Quick Detachable Front Shunt Plate

    Quick Detachable Front Shunt Plate



    The Quick detachable front shunt plate is ideal for manouvering a caravan, trailer and for launching boats.

    Fits with all extreme 4x4 tray type winch bumpers, will also fit Extreme Tubular Winch Bumpers providing the aluminium trim panel is removed from the bumper. It is easy to attach and detach and the bracket is virtually unseen when detached.

    Complete with 25 tonne pin and safety chain. Accepts any 2" style receiver hitch.


    Optional fittings:

    • Drop Plate.
    • Nato hitch.
    • 4 Bolt Jaw & Pin Adpater.
    • Quick Detachable Winch Tray.
    • Receiver with 3.25 Blue Pin Bow Shackle.
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    QD07 Quickly Detachable Front Shunt Plate £77.55+ vat
    £93.06 inc vat
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