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  • ITG Profilters Range Rover

    ITG Profilters Range Rover


    Over the years, ITG have created the lightest, most capable filters for all fields of motorsport, from Formula 1 to the World Rally Championship. The same design skills, advanced technology and attention to detail are also used to produce our Profilter range of high grade replacement filters for both road and competition use.

    With such a pedigree, you can be sure of a quality product with a superior performance and a highly competitive price. Consider these benefits:

    Superior filtration

    Our unique TriFoamTM system with three layers of foam combined with the arresting stickiness of the dust retaining oil gives a high level of filtration to protect the engine from all contaminants brought in by the air.

    Better economy

    You can be assured of better fuel economy due to the larger volume and more consistent flow of air into your engine. As a result, smaller throttle openings will achieve the same performance.

    More power

    Performance is unaffected by very large quantities of dirt arrested in the filter and, long after ordinary filters have blocked up and reduced the engine power, loss of pressure in the Profilter airflow will be exceptionally low.

    Longer life

    In normal road use, a Profilter will last at least 5 times as long as the equivalent standard filter.Waste is reduced so Profilter helps the environment as well as the engine.


    All our Profilter range can be washed and re-oiled with our filter maintenance kit.

    Part No: Available options: Price: Stock:
    BH-10 CARBS (Circular Housing 2 Required) £60.00 + vat
    £72.00 inc vat
    BH-10 EFI Models (Incl Classic Range Rover) £60.00 + vat
    £72.00 inc vat
    BH-199 New Range Rover Petrol Engines BMW V8 (2002>) £34.00 + vat
    £40.80 inc vat
    WB-496 RR All Engines incl 2.5D- 3.6- 3.9- 4.2 (95<96)< td> £43.00 + vat
    £51.60 inc vat
    WB-430 RR All Engines 4.0- 4.6- 2.5D (96>01) £40.00 + vat
    £48.00 inc vat
    WB-579 RR Sport All Models (2005>) £43.00 + vat
    £51.60 inc vat
    BH-165 RR TD6 Diesel (02>05) £79.00 + vat
    £94.80 inc vat
    WB-615 RR V8 Petrol (AJV8- 4.4N/A- 4.2S/C) & TDV8 (2007>) £43.00 + vat
    £51.60 inc vat
    ITG-SP02 RR Classic V8 Carb (for original oval housing - require 2) £19.95 + vat
    £23.94 inc vat
    BH-271 RR Classic 3.5 & 3.9 EFI V8 (to chassis LA647644) £25.00 + vat
    £30.00 inc vat
    HMP-703 RR (& RR Sport) 4.4 TDV8 (09/09>) [2 filters supplied] £80.00 + vat
    £96.00 inc vat
    HMP-703 RR (& RR Sport) 5.0 V8 (09/09>) [2 filters supplied] £80.00 + vat
    £96.00 inc vat
    HMP-703 RR (& RR Sport) 5.0 V8 S/C (09/09>) [2 filters supplied] £80.00 + vat
    £96.00 inc vat
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